Babel RPC

An RPC framework using JSON over HTTP

Revision History

Version 1 Features

  • Babel attributes are read by the parser but not used for anything.
  • Scoped attributes are passed onto the code generation when the scope is enabled on the command-line.
  • Only supports JSON. XML is experimental and unlikely to be developed further.
  • URL contains service name and method name, and only uses POST.
  • “as” keyword has no function (needed for XML).
  • Only supports C#, Java, ASP, Go, and Node.js
  • Composition supported with “extends” keyword, but polymorphism is not.
  • “Abstract” keyword allows generated classes to be abstract and prevents them from being declared in structs or used in methods.
  • Error handling is done by standardized Babel exceptions and a standard error JSON format.
  • Coding standards will be provided.
  • Structure initializers can be used on basic types.
  • Parameter initializers should not be used.
  • All fields are nullable.
  • Test code generation - try me docs